20 November 2016

Casual Sundays | Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation

I know….I know… I have been gone for a while. Sorry but not sorry guys lol. Well, I have a new product that I have been obsessed with since this product was launched in late September. Some of you might think it’s just another obsession of mine, but truthfully, I am head over heels about this product. I rarely use the same foundation, but this one I have been using on a daily basis!!

Honestly, I have been very skeptical about the Immaculate foundation from Hourglass because it does oxidise on the skin, also it sets quickly, making it difficult to blend. So... I was umming and ahhing about it, but after hearing all of the reviews from my favourite YouTubers, I became super intrigued with this product.

This foundation is made in KOREA! Haha. WTH! It’s a coincidence hokey! (Some of you who are close to me know for a fact that I am a huge fan of Korean Fashion, K-Pop & K-Drama LOLs.)  For me, knowing that this product is made in Korea is just an additional bonus.

If you’re in Australia, you can get your hands on this product from Mecca Cosmetica/Maxima/Mecca Online where it retails for $69. It comes in 26 shades ~ I am in the shade Warm Ivory ~ and is 7.2g worth of product.  It is long-wear (which I agree with) and claims to be waterproof (I didn’t try using this while swimming so I can’t say much). The consistency of the foundation is comparable to that of a concealer, so you could use it to conceal under your eyes, however, I personally did not use it for this. It has double the amount of pigment, which makes the coverage phenomenal.

How do you apply this foundation stick?

It is recommended to use the vanish brush, also from Hourglass but sold separately. However, I personally like using a beauty blender, which I spray with Mario Badescu Rose water at the back of the BB and bounce it on my skin. This makes my application flawless without accentuating any dry areas (which I do have sadly... lol).

What are my thoughts on the Packaging?

It is a metallic, sturdy, triangular shape, and to be honest I didn't understand the reasoning for this new shape, however, after using the product many times now I geddit! If you use it as a concealer, the triangular shape allows you to get the tip right into the corners under the eyes, whilst still being able to swatch on your face no problem.

The size is fantastic for travelling and beautiful to place it on your vanity. It is not bulky and pretty lightweight too. For me, the downside to the packaging is due to the fact that I do my makeup on my rug so the stick can’t stand upright lol. 

Does this foundation give any flashback?

Not at all. Many thumbs up to Hourglass for no flashback. GOOOOD JOB bebeh!

Have you tried this foundation? What are you current favourites? Do you like it?