11 September 2016

Casual Sundays | Tube Mascara

Well, I used to think that all mascara is the same. I have issues wearing mascara in general but I still want to wear it despite the smudging issues I have been encountering haaah! I didn’t even know about the existence of tubing mascara till mid last year... WHATT? Where have I been, right? I never even bother asking any SA who works at the makeup counter because whatever mascara I’ve been recommended in the past ended up smudging on me buwekkk which then turns into a dust collector. What a life to have an Asian eye shape lol.

Let’s welcome tubing mascara into my life. The girl who adores wearing makeup/mascara has found her soul mate ~ Yerp, that’s me!! I just raised my hand ~

What is tubing mascara really? It is a type of mascara that is bound by a chemical polymer with a fantastic film former. It does not have the traditional wax and oil like normal mascaras do. So, if you have similar issues like myself such as smudges on the lower lash line and constantly needing to look in the mirror just to be sure that you don’t look like a raccoon... poor hana , please look no further and try any tubing mascara that exists in the market.  Currently, I am awe-struck with the Kevyn Acouin volume or curling mascara. They both have the same properties, but the main difference is the bristles.  

I have been recommending to customers who have smudging issues to try the Kevyn Acouin mascara. In fact, I told all my customers that I can guarantee that they will not come back to return this product because its THEBOMB.COM.  Well, if you don’t have any smudging issues, you can pretty much rock any normal mascara or you can try tubing mascara too because it’s so much easier to remove as well...

How do you remove tubing mascara at the end of the day? Well well well…. You can remove tubing mascara with normal tap water ~ It’s that simple!

I hope you enjoyed this post of mine and learnt a thing or two about the tubing mascara. Have a great weekend, guys xx