01 August 2016

Casual Sundays | Top 3 favourites

This would be my very first post about my current foundation favourites. This is because my past foundations have been a bit average... so its hard to choose one worthy of being my favourite. Thats not the case with the following 3 products, which I introduce to you in no particular order: 3INA, Ellis Faas & YSL Fusion Ink.

Ellis Faas is the 1st foundation I have been religiously wearing since last October.  I discovered this foundation through a friend from work. For the past 7 months, I struggled with some dry patches around my cheek area. Whatever foundation I wore seems to make the imperfection more prominent... sob sob. I decided to give Ellis Faas a try and I have been using the foundation on a daily basis because I like how it doesn't accentuate my dry patches. However, the finish of Ellis Faas foundation is dewy which I have to compensate because it makes me look shiny everywhere despite setting it with a translucent powder. Hence, I have to blot on a regular basis which I am cool with.

3INA is a Spanish brand; one of the owners is English and the other is Spanish.  I came across 3INA after work while doing my normal window shopping at Melbourne Central on Level 1. I won't go into detail on this foundation yet as I am planning to write an in-depth review on the foundation. I am sure you can see sense that I am really liking this foundation since it's in my top 3 current favourites.  This foundation has a demi-matte finish. What I like about this foundation is the fact that it looks like skin without making it look cakey like some other foundations I tried in the past.  I love how I require no touch-ups whenever I use this foundation. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

I bought YSL Fusion Ink foundation because of it's light-weight feel on the skin.  It's also a hyped product from social media. Some of you might not know that I get sucked in easily when Vloggers rave about any products. Truth to be told, I tried liking this foundation a few month before I got Ellis Faas but I just could not get it to work.  

I tried using it with multiple types of brushes and it just didn't work until I went to Spain recently for my holiday.  This is a liquidy, matte finish foundation.  This has been another favourite of mine after pairing it with a dry beauty blender. I was soo happy that I can finally use this foundation without making alot of noise regarding my dry patches around my right side of cheek. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE

So, do you have any current favourite foundation? What are they? 
Share me your favourites down the comment bar below :) Have a great weekend guys xx