14 July 2016

Current Empties | Skincare & Hair

I am sorry for my hiatus. I was away on a holiday and soon as I got back my jetlagged kicked in and I went back to work which I guess didn't help me get back on my normal routine.  I am feeling much better now, PHEW!

I have been doing a project for myself called #BANHANAFROMSKIN. The main reason why I am doing this project is for me to use all the skincare products I have in my stash. Products, which don’t suit my skin, will go into #declutter bin. This is a good way for me to know what products I have and used, instead of getting new products and piling them up in my skincare stash. #notcool

Don’t you feel satisfied when you see products getting used up? I know I do, and due to that I shall continue this personal project of mine. I have to warn you that I am a huge fan of Korean Skincare & you will notice that my current empties range from Korean products as well as other skincare brands.  Do take note that my skin is pretty sensitive & I seem to get along well with Korean skincare products. Hence, the empties.

Super Aqua Ultra Water-Full Intensive Serum from Missha is a gel type serum when you put it on the skin; it feels so refreshing and non-greasy. I like using this serum during spring/summer due to it’s lightness & weightless feel.  I will definitely repurchase this product in the future.

Dr Dennis Gross Radiance Booster is a serum I used mainly at night. This product was recommended to me as a treatment for any scarring marks. I used this serum religiously at night and I have to admit that I could see a significant difference in my skincare regime when I stopped using it. I have already repurchased a second bottle of this. If you do follow me on snapchat you might have already heard me raves about this product :)

Origin Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum was recommended to me for dry and sensitive skin. This serum helps to reduce any redness you have on your skin and I am honestly loving this serum because I can clearly see the differences in terms of my skin texture. This serum is also good for someone with rosacea. I used this serum only in the morning. I would definitely recommend this serum for those who has dry flaky skin.

Sacha Juan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo was recommended to me by a Sephora girl. I was looking for a volumizing shampoo & I have to admit that this shampoo works like magic! Each time I used this shampoo, my colleagues seem to notice and give a lot of compliments! "Your hair looks amazing, Hana'. I will definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a poof without having to use a powder to poof up the hair. 

As I am writing this post, I have few other empties too but i shall keep those for a future post :)  

Do you have any skincare products that you've repurchased? 

Thank you for reading & have a fabulous day xx