07 February 2016

Casual Sundays | R.I.P my dear

Before I start rambling, I would like to share with you a new idea I have which consists of a new blog post I call Casual Sundays. Casual Sunday posts would be a random topic I have in mind. It can be pretty much anything. My personal life, beauty discoveries or just random thoughts I have throughout the week. So, it's an open post I have added into my 2016 routine. This way, you can get to know me on a new level. Not just as a typical blogger preaching about beauty faves etc. So, let's get started :) 

Two of my favourite items died on me recently.  One, being my Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector and the other product was an unknown sunglasses brand I got from New Orleans back in 2014.   

Who doesn't know Champagne Pop, right? I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Jaclyn Hill in general. Her craziness & her makeup knowledge never cease to amaze me! She's #TheBomb.COM.

The product is sooooo finely milled, buttery and soft which makes the highlighter prone to shatter into pieces. Look, I kinda dropped my compact with the lid closed and YERP!!! It shatteredddddd #cried #disappointed. When the compact dropped, I prayed hard that the powder wouldn't break inside but it did & I must say that I was a weeee bit emotional because back when I got Champagne Pop, it was a limited edition and I could not justify myself getting a new one BUT guess what? I did it anyway... This highlighter is part of the permanent line! So, it's a win win situation for everyone.

Some of you might not know that I am a huge fan of the tv series called 'The Vampire Diaries' whereby they did a spin-off called The Originals. There you go.... The Originals is filmed in New Orleans so... back in 2014, my friends and I made a pit stop in New Orleans where i picked up these sunglasses and so they kinda have some sentimental value to me even though they are not a branded pair. Sadly, as you can see they broke and my heart shattered once again. I can't bear the thoughts of chucking this item into the bin. wekkkkkkk wekkkkk :( 

There you go.... 2 products that I adore sooo sooo much that I can't bear to let go... let it gooo into the bin. How could I do that? I cannn't... Please help me :( 

So do you have some items that you still keep even though they are broken just because of the sentimental value? Share your comments down below :)