28 February 2016

Casual Sundays | Fresh flowers die...

Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs ~ William Shakespeare ~ 

I know that Valentine's day is long gone. It is without doubt something Hugo & I would not celebrate, particularly myself (due to religion)!  I was taught since young not to celebrate it. To me, everyday is a love day (I know I sound so cheesy ~ we are not the lovey dovey kind of couple). 5 years ago, he gave me a bouquet of roses and I told him not to buy flowers for me anymore becauseee fresh flowers die! What's the point of giving flowers to me if they die after several days? (Makes sense, right?) Since then, he stopped.

I was at work on Valentine's Day when a delivery lady came with a vase of roses & a box of chocolates I had nowhere to hide my face!(terribly embarrassed). Thanks babe!! Lets face it, I hate carrying flowers on Valentine's day but I love seeing couples holding hands, smiling away whilst enjoying each other's company.

I know we hardly hang out together due to our work schedule differences. For him to show such a gesture, I am grateful for that. Thank you for everything.

On that day, I wore a sorta pinkish brown eye makeup using the VICE 4 Palette from Urban Decay. Hope you enjoy the look xx

That night we went to catch a movie DEADPOOL. If you haven't had a chance to watch it, I suggest YOU BETTER GOOO & WATCH IT!