01 December 2015

Hana Mini-Haul | Mecca Maxima

Do you have a long wish list of items you hope Santa can grant you during this Christmas? I do but guess what? My Santa is not a typical Santa as the word 'surprise' can never be found in his dictionary haha. I need to give hints in order for that to happen. So, this year I decided not to rely on Santa & my Santa is super busy this season too LOL. I have to admit I have a long list of items I have been eyeing but I decided to pick up these 2 babies first LOL.

Some of you may know by now that I am a huge sucker for pretty packagings. 
BareMinerals StoryBook Blockbuster (RPP: $116.00) has been calling my name since 2 weeks ago... Pick me up Hana.... Pick me up!! The exterior of the book is well executed. Red base with gold embellishment leaves on the cover of the book. One word: BEAUTIFUL! 

This book contain 6 eye shadow pigments; 1 Prime Time eye primer; 2 Marvellous Lip gloss in star gazzer & go getter; 3 mineral blushes; 1 mineral highlighter; 1 Lash Dolmination mascara; 2 pencil eyeliners. What a great deal! The pigments are beautiful and pigmented, off course! 

When you open up the front page of the book, it has these pretty words presenting all the hidden gems beneath the book. I love how the wording synced with one another! Kudos to whomever came up with this brilliant idea ~ BRAVO~

Nars Steven Klein One Shocking Moment blush palette (Limited Edition; RPP: $100) is a palette, which I personally think it's worth having. I don't own any of the blushes nor the bronzer/contour shade from this palette. Hence, I reckon it is a BONUS for me!(at least in my opinion) For those who own nothing from this palette, I suggest you go & runnnnnnnnn for your life to Mecca Maxima/Mecca Cosmetica & get it! (wait, don't run! You might fall LOL) But seriously, you won't regret it!

The image of the box is a duplicate cover of the front palette itself. The whole palette is covered with an acrylic material whereby it feels sturdy & doesn't feel cheap like many other palettes out there.

This palette comes in 7 shades; from top left; Paloma sculpting powders, Laguna bronzer and four blushers; Robotic, Blasphemy, Luster and Dolce Vita.

I love collecting palettes especially if i don't own any of the single items. It is indeed a good bargain considering how often will you end up using the products, right? It took me ages to hit pan on anything, really! 

SO, how about yourself? Do you like collecting them? Look forward to your comment, guys! Have a great day :) 

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