09 November 2015

My Current Pick | Bronzers

Are you a huge fan of bronzers? Many of us love to bronze our face but some don’t. Most bronzers have warm tones, which are often used to bring back colours or tan-glow to the face/skin. Some skin tones can use bronzers as a contour too. So, it depends really! Bronzers come in 2 kinds;

a) Being true legit Matte finish b) it has shimmer or slight sheen finish.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of bronzers unless it’s for photography/blogging purposes. I must say though, since I started working I have been slapping on a lot of bronzer, which is SO UNLIKE ME!  I find that some bronzers can look muddy on me. So, here’s my current favourite bronzer.

Benefit Cosmetic Hoola Bronzer; Firstly, how cute is the packaging? I gravitate towards benefit products solely because of their packaging but of course I adore most of the products too.  

Hoola bronzer is a cool tone brown (in my opinion), although it looks dark & intense but it’s a forgiving colour for an overall sun-kissed look or as a contour. I personally have been using hoola as a contour. It is a matte powder with no sheen/shimmer in it or any horrible orangy tone.  This bronzer suits all skin types depending on what you're aiming for.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer comes in 3 shades; Milk chocolate, Medium to Deep & Dark Chocolate. I picked up the shade in Medium to Deep (Please excuse the packaging as I have owned this bronzer for a while now. The new packaging comes in a goldish lid/cover).  
It is a straight Matte bronzer which is great for people who don't like any shimmer/sheen and it is wonderful for use as a contour if you have the right skin tone as it does not come close to being orangy-ish (if you know what I mean- depending on what shade you pick, of course!!).  It also has an excellent pigmentation whereby you only need the slightest bit to add some colour to your face or you can go darker if needed. It blends easily too.  As far as quality goes, it’s fantastic!

Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer; this is the latest bronzer that MUFE launched and it is their permanent collection.  It comes in 3 matte & 3 iridescent shades. It claims to create a lightweight formula with an extremely natural tan with no powdery finish.  

It melts into the skin making it look tan and luminous without it being powdery or muddy. This bronzer differs from all the bronzers out there. It has a unique formula where it is absolutely undetectable when used it with a brush. (I may sound confuse explaining this bronzer but trust me... it's not a powdery bronzer. You need to feel the texture to be able to know what I mean haha)  

So, what bronzer do you reach for these day? Share it with me down in the comment bar. Have a great day & thank you for reading, guys xx

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