12 September 2015

10 Minutes Base Routine

For the past 1 week, I have been doing a lot of trial on my face LOL. To be honest, I have been avoiding wearing foundation for ONE reason!  I have been going through this period called ‘purging’. Whaaaat is that? Well, I won’t go into detail, as I will be doing another blog post especially for that. Truth is, ever since I started using clarisonic, I experienced seeing pinky pop, which I called pimples – owhh hello pimples! I am waving at ya! However, do not be alarmed, guys! Apparently, it’s pretty common.

My nature of job requires 3 basic steps of makeup application, which include foundation, blush & lipstick/mascara. Since I am trying to let my skin breathe whilst needing to look presentable for work, I opted to use these products. These are the products I have used diligently for last week (Smashbox Light Primer, Makeup Forever concealer palette, bareMinerals & Tarte).  

I am glad I opted for a mineral powder foundation instead of my typical liquid foundation. My pinky pop has minimizes tremendously. Clearly it didn't happen because of wearing less makeup, but more or so on how I took care of my skin along with HEAPS of water!

I prepped my face as usual with my skincare products, followed by a SmashBox light primer. I then used the Makeup Forever correcting palette in Orange colour just to correct my ‘pretty dark under eye circle’ – thank you night shifts, you have been great for the past many years which has lead to this severity of panda eyes. Subsequently, I applied bareMinerals correcting concealer over so as to make the dark circle less prominent. I also use this concealer to conceal redness’s around my nose area & finally, I used Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation Powder using the recommended brush to complete the look :) 

What do you think? It's definitely a quick way to get ready too... Don't you think so? heee 

So, what are you quickest routine when you're rushing? Have you used any of the products listed above? Share your thoughts with me :)