30 August 2015

Morphe Brushes || Eye brushes

Not long ago, Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Morphe Brushes Company, doing a warm palette, which went frenzied across the world (I may be exaggerating here haha). I AM NOT JOKING! People went nuts. Sadly, I didn’t get my hands on the palette (I was busy sleeping post night shift LOL). When I got up hours later, it WAS SOLD OUT! Like whaaaaatttt?? So, basically…. Today’s post is on Morhpe eye brushes, which I picked up somewhat in late June. I have been using it for a good 1-month ish which I think it's good enought to share my thoughts on these babies! 

It took me several weeks to finally make a decision. Makeup enthusiast seems to pick up a set and not just bits and pieces here and there. It’s been a hard decision to make but I finally picked up M139, MB18 & B80

M139 is described as a tapered to a pointed brush, good for blending on the crease. I personally like how it moulds nicely onto my hooded eyelid BUT BUT BUT…. Goeshh, it shed like nobody’s business! Each time, when I do a wiping motion on my crease, I end up with 1 to 2 shedding bristle. The bristle is soft & not scratchy like some of my sigma brushes. I would see myself repurchasing this brush in the future :)

MB18 is a small, rounded brush, which I used mainly to draw a V on my outer corner OR as a pop of highlight on my inner corner. In addition, because it’s round, small and dense, it’s perfect for packing products on my kind of eye shape (hooded eyelid). I am in love with this brush for such an awesome precision!

B80 is pretty similar in terms of shape with M139 but a ted bit stiffer. It is described as a pointy goat blending brush. I used this brush mainly for a more control crease blending. It gives that nice crisp look without seeing a harsh line (am I making any sense with my explanation here? #facepalm)

From here, you can see the differences among these 3 brushes.  I thoroughly enjoy using them. I did not experience any scratchy discomfort like some other brushes I own in the past EXCEPT for the shedding bristle from M139. Other than that, they were all decent enough for it’s price.

As I have mentioned earlier that M139 & B80 are similar. The differenced between both would be its application.  I would use M139 as a blending brush because of how soft the bristles are which makes the blending great OR as a transition blending brush :) 

SO, have you used these brushes before? If not, what are your favourite eye brushes? 

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