02 August 2015

Make-up Collaboration ~ Red as Ruby ~

Today's post is rather an interesting one.  One of the Adelaide Blogger approached me asking if I would do a collaboration post with her. Off course I said YES! hehe. So far, this is the 2nd time I am doing collaboration. Jen is an Adelaide blogger.  We have wanted to do collaboration for few months & it's finally coming to live!

This make-up look is inspired by my shawl colour. An orangyish, reddish & brownish is the colour I chose to recreate this look.

I used a Real Technique Stippling Brush to buff my YSL Fusion Ink foundation & pop L.A Girl Pro HD concealer on my under eye using my ring finger.

I used the alphabet X, Y, Z, R &B|X to represent the placement of my eye make-up look. Should you have any question of what eye shadow name or company I used, please do not hesitate to ask me down in the comment bar :)

Firstly, I prime my eyes using NYX HD Primer. I used X, as my overall transition colour followed by Y. Y is a warmer tone than X, which makes the overall transition come together without looking too cool tone brown.

I then add Z on the outer corner to intensify the whole look.  {You can do this to your own desire, as how much you want to darken the outer corner}  Lastly, I placed B|X on the inner corner of my eyes & followed by R on the middle lid of my eyes.

In addition, I add Z onto my outer corner of my lower lash line followed by R on the middle & B|X on the inner corner of my lower lash line. Lastly, I used a pinkish white pencil on my lower water line to add pop to the look.

Once I am done with eye shadow application, I drew my upper lid with a felt tip eyeliner from Kat Von D & curl my eyelash and add one coat of mascara from Tarte light, Flash Camera and add a falsies from xoBeauty to umps up the look.

I like to add a set of falsies when I do special look, as it looks much presentable for special occasion & for photography purposes :)

On my eyebrow, I used the eyebrow brush to groom my brow.  I then applied Shu emura on my inner eyebrow as I like a softer drawn look without being to full on the inner part of the eyebrow and fill up any gaps with a brow powder I bought from a threading shop where I got my threading done. 

That's how my eyebrow look.  I can see a soft gradient look to a thicker side of the eyebrow. Can you see the gradient look? { from soft to thick brow }

Firstly, I contour my cheek using a cream base contour from MUFE and I buff the edges with a brush {any brush will do}  I, then added Hoola Bronzer to darken the cheek bone and add Colourpop cosmetics blush in 'Between the sheet'.  To be honest, I love these combinations!!

As for a lipstick, I go with something not too pinky or nudey to compliment the eyes. Since the eyes have a lot going on, you want to keep it neutral so that it compliments with the eyes.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my makeup collaboration post with a blogger from Adelaide, Jen. We have come these far to make this collaboration happen. Have a great weekend, guys xx

If any of you wish to collaborate with me, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would certainly say YES LOL

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