18 August 2015

July Favorites

I cant believe it’s already August! Time past so fast this year. Is it just me or everyone else felt the same way? I am certain that everyone felt the same way, yea? Not long till Halloween & Christmas!!! OOOO EMMMM GEEE!

Before I share my July Favorites, I would like to apologize for being inconsistent with my post.  I just started a new job somewhat late July and I have been pretty tired. I guess I am not used to the schedule yet. I have been working on permanent night shift for the past years so having to do normal shift hours kinda hard for me {It’s not an excuse hokey} lol. In addition, my body requires some adjustment with the new environment & new work colleagues WHICH I ADORE THEM and I thoroughly enjoyed every bits of it :D

From now on, I will be posting my monthly favourites in the middle of each month, ok? 

The month of July has been a cruising month for me. I opted to rediscover items from current collection you know how you have tonnes of items which you used for several times & forgotten you have them because you bought new items? Yeah, that’s what I am talking about… bought, loved it & got shafted because you found new items…

1.  I am a huge fan of stationaries. I love pens - colorful pens, cute notebooks, washi tapes, stickers & etc. Last month, I have loved the notebook from Typo. Don’t get me started with typo products. I am a true legit OBSESSED with typo! The size of this notebook is just nice – compact & light. 

The front cover of the note book reminds me of the entire stuff I adore doing such as; camera is something I used heaps for blogging or phototaking when travelling; Passport & stamps reminds me of travelling. I love collecting postcards from the country I visited & buy stamps & send the postcards back to myself haha. Sounds weird but I find that it has more value, sentimental value lol. I used this notebook mainly to jot down sample products I've got from my work place. This way, I would be able to remember better what the product is for & how to you use it 

2. If you’re looking for a good quality colorful pen, head down to MUJI. I love how affordable the prices are & I am into thin felt tip pen. There are many choices to choose. However, I chose 0.38 felt tip & loved it!!

3.  Zoeva 109 Luxe Face Paint has been my favourite when comes to contouring. Hello to prominent cheekbone! If you’re looking for something similar to ITA Brush from NARS, I shall introduce you to the affordable version of it, which is Zoeva 109 Luxe Face Paint. It has the perfect density that makes contouring more enjoyable.

4.  Hoola Bronzer is also another rediscovery.  I have friends who came up to me & say that they like Hoola better than Chocolate Soleil. I shall make another post for that in the near future. 

5.  I have been reaching for Zoeva Petit Stippling Brush 122 whenever I use Colourpop Cosmetics blush in between the sheets.  Something about these two items go hand in hand best in my opinion. 

6. Nars Sheer Glow in Punjab ; Let’s be honest, this is another rediscovery for me.  This baby has been in & out of my drawer. YIKES! I like how lightweight this foundation is & it covers pretty decent too. This is my go-to foundation for work. I am trying to use up foundations that I currently own. THAT'S for the best I reckon! It comes to a point when you have other foundation in your stash, you tend to forget what you’ve got- that’s me! Please don’t judge heh.

7. Laneige Water Bank Essence is kind off like a serum. It’s very liquidy & has a light scent, which I like.  I have been thoroughly enjoying myself having this essence in my daily routine. You won’t want to know how much skincare shit I put on my face before I start with my makeup routine. DON’T ask lol. You will faint, for sure haha.

8.  The Body Shop Smooth, renew Loofah pads has been my go to loofah for the past 3 years.  It’s not the best exfoliator but it does a decent job for the price.  I mainly used this loofah to get rid of any white/black heads that was once pretty visible. So, when I started using this loofah, it changes everything!! Bare in mind, this is not a miracle loofah. You need to use it often to see some changes :)

9. Glam Glow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment has been much raved on the Internet. I never bother myself trying this product because I thought it’s just a HYPE – Youtube Hype.  I was WRONG!! Most of my colleague at work has great skin. I sighed looking at their perfect skin {I just want to hide my face}!! So, few of the skin specialist colleague told me to try this product which I took home a sample pot & used it that night! 

BOOOOOYAAAAAKASYAHHH!! Holy Ka Molly!! I never used any mask on a regular basis when I was in Adelaide. My skin was good to a certain extend I have no issue putting any foundation on ma face BUT since I moved recently, ma foundation seems to cling onto dry patches –ARGH NOOOOO!! This product has changed my skin. I have no fear facing any customers that walks into the store because my skin HAS BEEN FANTASTIKO. So, if you have dry skin, get a sample from MECCA & try it on. It might change your life haha.

10. The Towel Band from Daiso has been my lifesaver. I put this band up on my head so that my hair won’t get in the way. You know how hair sometimes gets in the way while washing your face? Yea, I dislike touching my hair when my hands are full of cleansing foam/serum/exfoliating products. Get out of my face, please!  

Lastly, these are my favourite songs for the month of July

What's your fav items OR Songs for the month of July? Share it with me in the comment column. I appreciate all your comments :)

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