28 July 2015

My essentail kit during Flu attack....

I love when winter hits Australia.  I grew up in a humid country so being able to feel winter is great! But the number one thing I loathe most during winter is being sick. I rarely get flu+massive headache since I stepped my foot into this country.  A country I now called my home. 

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Mid of last week, I got knocked over with a bad flu.  I reckon the flu bug has been floating in the air lol.  It's hard to believe that an ex healthcare worker like myself; worked in the hospital as well as nursing home never once came in contact with THIS terrible flu. Now that I am no longer in the industry, I got hit TERRIBLY TERRIBLY TERRIBLY!! I never experienced such a terrible flu!!! So, I have been in bed since Thursday night (I got up during meal time but for the rest of the time, I have been in bed whining at my hubby ~ yelling… headache babe headache ~ *I am such a whiner lol*. I had blocked nose, which lead to difficulty in breathing and throbbing headache from my frontal lobe all the way to my temporal lobe. 

So, these are my essential kits during my flu attack LOL

I can live on a daily basis with flu but not when it’s combined with massive headache – that’s a no no for me.  Man, You can’t do much, really. If you have any housework to do & suffers from what I suffered, you can’t do much -Throbbing head is a no joke! I felt like sheeeet!

1. Laptop has been my saviour during these periods. I don't know what I would do without you, Hugi {that's my laptop name, hehe}. I spent a lot of my time watching Korean drama #kdrama, Youtube, reading blogs & commenting on other blogs. Thank you for your existence, Hugi!

2.  I kept a bottle of water next to me at all time & during the sick period, I have been drowning myself with water a lot because the headache gets better when you hydrate yourself. 

3.  A flu tablet is essential if you want to get better quicker {in my case}. I said this is because I am starting my new job so I cant afford to ring sick. Although, I must say that I don't recommend taking tablets because it only treat the symptom. So, the key to get better is REST & HYDRATION. 

4.  Medicated Balm is part of my sick routine.  I normally stuff this balm on nostril, throat & chest.  It provides cooling sensation, which helps me breath better.

5.  Difflam Lozenges is something I often take when I have sore throat.  In particular, the one with Anaesthetic, Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Bacterial. I have a tendency of getting asthma attack when I have sore throat. Once my sore throat gets worsen, I end up coughing & this triggers my asthma attack. So, this lozenges has been great at preventing my sore throat from getting worse.  

6.  As I have mentioned above that Hugi has been my companion during my sicky period where I get to catch up on reading blogs from my Bloglovin. Disqus has been great too; I love the fact I get to check out on newfound bloggers :)

What are your remedies when you're sick? These are my essentials :) 
Hope you enjoy reading my post xx