15 July 2015

Dress to Impress

2 weeks ago, I received an unexpected call from a company I long to work for since I started my makeup school mid of last year.  I applied once when I was still in Adelaide but I didn’t get any respond from the company.  Life has to move on... sob sob

So, after all the chaotic period of moving interstate & unpacking all the boxes in the house, I decided to reapply the position again but off course it has to be in Melbourne and stupid me, I accidentally withdrew my application as I thought it differs from states to states. 
Lets cut to the chase! 

I reapplied in mid May & didn’t hear anything from the company until 2 weeks ago! OMG!! I thought it was MAC Cosmetic recruiters who rang me but turns out it's a lady introducing herself & said that she’s from so & so company, inviting me to attend an interview at their HEAD QUARTERS. I didn’t hesitate one bit & I said YES without thinking twice! 

 Suit from Cue

I think I might have over-dressed but it’s the safest outfit for an interview! You can’t go wrong with a corporate outfit. I gave my best for this interview! Some of you might not know, but I have an extensive career history in nursing so my past interview has been incorporated with healthcare, ethics & law questions. So, this interview is out of my comfort zone! All applicants will receive a phone call from the interviewer on Friday regardless of being accepted or rejected! This made me anxious!  This is what I wore for my interview (oh, please don't judge).  


When it comes to shoes, I am not that adventurous. I am always happy with the ones I have but I genuinely don’t have a proper black shoe.  I figured since I have started applying for jobs, I guess why not get one – I mean a proper pair.  A pair of shoes where I can mix & match with jeans, leggings, skirts or can be worn during special occasions.

I never own a pair of shoes like these before & one of the reasons why I chose these particular shoe is because of the insole. The insole of the shoe has a cushion, which makes walking & long-standing less painful and comfortable :) 

For my makeup, I wasn't sure if I should go heavy or neutral since I applied for a position in makeup industry. I told myself, you know what? I believe in fate. If this position is meant for me, I will get it despite whatever happens.  So, I went for neutral look.   

These are the products used for my eye makeup.

♦︎  I used NYX HD Primer and let it set before applying NYX eyeshadow base. This base is good at reducing any visible veins on the lid. 

♦︎  I used Hakuhodo blending brush J5523 + Inglot matte eyeshadow 344 (as per arrow pointed) as my transition color for my crease.  

♦︎  I darkened the outer corner of my lid using MAC eyeshadow in Swiss Chocolate.

♦︎  For all over the lid, I used Inglot Pearl eyeshadow 402 using Real Technique shading brush.

♦︎  I used Tony Moly gel eyeliner using the brush that comes with it (it’s actually my favorite brush for lining my upper eyelid

♦︎  Lastly, I used my favorite eyelash curler by Shu uemura & add 2 coats of mascara from Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes(I have used this mascara twice & so far I loved how it turns out)

♦︎  On my lips, I mix Gerard Cosmetics in 1995 with MAC CreameSheen in Hot Gossip.

Here's a photo taken few hours after the interview.  Hence, the visible shine on my forehead & cheek :(

I hope all of you enjoyed reading my post on how I attempt at dressing to impress the interviewers :) Aside note, I am so relieved that I received a call on Friday welcoming me to the company :)

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