28 June 2015

Reminiscing the past ; MUJI Store

I remember vividly during high school, where I spent a lot of time after school in Bugis Junction - my playground area. Those who were born in Singapore would know this area. Back then, I was a stationary hoarder…. Owh wait, I think I was a stationary enthusiast/collector hahaha. Allow me to introduce MUJI. 

MUJI Bugis Junction in Singapore caught my attention with their huge spaces, a mixture of birch, grey & magnolia color theme in-store.  The store left a huge impression one me which made me drawn to walk into the store pretty often ( back in the late 90's )

MUJI is a Japanese Retail Company where it emphasizes on recycling products and being minimalist without wanting a no-logo & no- brand label on their products. By doing so, it reduces spending money on advertising & marketing. How brilliant, right!!

MUJI Chadstone, Melbourne

Here's my Minimalist MUJI Haul. Some of you might have known that recently I relocated to Melbourne. It’s obvious that Melbourne shops can never be compared to Adelaide. Not long ago, I went to Chadstone & walked passed MUJI store. ahhhhh, I was reminiscing the past to be précised lol. MUJI is pretty pricey in Singapore as compared to Australia (my personal opinion).  I have no clue why I was drawn to their products. Perhaps it’s because of its simplistic and its practicality?

1.  Soap dispenser, AUD$3.95 - I like the color. It looks exclusive to me but but but.. it's plastic  hehe.

2.  Stainless Steel hook, AUD$2.95   -  I need a hook to hang a hand towel in my en-suite bathroom.  The size is perfect of the hook is perfect, not too big nor too small.

3.  Linen Twill House Slipper, AUD$11.95   -  I am giving myself an excuse to buy a house slipper? I have my reasons lol. The lower part of the house has tiles whereas, the upper part has carpet. I have one house slipper which I used mainly for walking around the house - downstairs.  I prefer having 2 pairs of house slippers for 2 separate areas so as to prevent cross contamination – haha. I know it sounds silly but that’s how I like to do things in our new home.

The way this slipper was made so much different from all my previous pair.  I feel as though I have been walking on cloud 9 - ok! I am exaggerating haha! You have to go in-store, have a look and feel on the quality made. Marvelous!

So, have you been to MUJI Store before? If you do, what did you get? Share your thoughts down in the comment below :) 

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