17 June 2015

My MAY-Kup ( MAY - MakeUp ) Faves

I hope I am not too late for my May-kUp(Make-up) favorites.  I have wanted to put this post up but I have to resist myself blearghhh.  Those of my followers/readers surely have seen my previous blog template as well as my old URL.  Yea, I have decided to change the URL and revamp the blog as I think this outlook resonates with me better than before. 

So, let’s get started with my May faves.  Truthfully, I have been reaching for these products lately, for the past 2 months. Some may know that I have moved to Melbourne and I don’t have the luxury to carry heaps of makeup with me, travelling back & forth Adelaide - Melbourne. 

So, these are my essential items that I have been carrying it with me. I like to look presentable especially when comes to meeting strangers (I am highlighting the fact that I went house hunting and off course you need to look presentable in the eyes of the agent, right?) No? Let's not get carried away lol (I will save that thoughts of mine for future blog post haha) So, 1st impression counts, i guess! You don't want them to see you and say “holly crap”!! Did she just wake up from the dead? Lol – heheheh 

MUFE HD Primer –  I got this in my kit when I studied Makeup mid last year.  So, I am trying to finish this product. To me, it's just a normal primer.  I see no difference whenever I put this primer on.

Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder foundation – Some may not know that I have an Oily Combo Skin and I often struggle to maintain a nice looking base after few hours of application. {I envy others with normal skin type!!} 

This foundation controls my oiliness.  It dries matte and few hours later, it gives my skin a sheen but not oily (If that even makes sense to you)? Haha.  When comes to touch –up, don’t count on me *chuckles*. So, this foundation has saved me. I don’t need to powder my face. It provides the required amount of sheen on my face, not to an extend of 'fried oily face'.  This is one of my Holy Grail foundations.     

Nars Radiance Creamy concealer in Honey – On some days when my foundation brush is pretty darn dirty & I just need to look fresh; I will just pop this concealer under my eyes and around my nose area where redness is visible.  It instantly makes me look awake.  (I am currently on low with this concealer).

Charlotte Tilbury Blush in Sex on Fire – This is my 1st CT that I own.  I got this blush after watching my favorite YouTuber Sammy, raves about this product.  It looks and feels posh, has 2 tone colors where you’re meant to swirl the product and apply on your cheek but seriously, you can do whatever you like. There’s no right or wrong way of Makeup application hehe

Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Waterproof Mousse – I got this product as a gift from a close friend of mine.  I used the mousse mainly on the arch of my brow.  

Urban Decay Lipstick in Venom – This lipstick is pigmented and has reddish -berry tone.  I used this lipstick in conjunction with Gerard Cosmetics Lip-gloss.  The combination makes the reddish-berry tone more subdue when I applied it with Plume Crozy.

What are you must have makeup products for the month of May? Do comment below and share with me your Favorite 

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