10 April 2015

A tuscany-ian High-Tea in Aldinga, South Australia

Recently, I was introduced by a friend of mine whom I went to a High Tea with at Aldinga, South Australia called The Cupcake Boutique. It is not our typical hotel High-Tea, you know?  I would say it's relatively vintage-y kind of High-Tea. Pretty outskirt from the urbanize side of Adelaide.  It is surrounded with vineyards with an open huge ass concept which made it look hilly.  The vibe I felt as we made a turn into the  location, reminded me so much of Tuscany, Italy.  Not that I have been there but I have been recce-ing Italy for our next holiday destination.  Just ITALY. So, yeah! 

I don't know about you but I have never experienced this before and I was super thrilled when my friend suggested to go there!  Being born and bred in a swamped of busy lifestyle and congested country of Singapore for the past 29 years of my life before moving to Australia for my studies, I can most likely guarantee you the experience of a high-tea in The Cupcake Boutique certainly gave me a different perspective in life... YESSA!

Speaking of which, I have never been to a high tea before in my life, I mean... I did but its a hotel high-tea.  Certainly different from the open concept, tuscan-ian ambiance along with vineyards and a very Southern American kind of house attached to the cupcake boutique. See!! You will see what I mean :)  What a perfect time to dress up for this experience and fit right in with the ambiance hehe.

The Cupcake Boutique High-Tea cost $25AUD/pp.  It opens on the 1st & 2nd week of each month.  You have to book in for a High-Tea but you can also walk in without booking ONLY if you wish to have a cupcake & tea/coffee :)

The High-Tea came with a beautiful table decorations along with a 3-tiers; sandwiches/croissant/vegetable puff on the lowest tier & the middle tier filled with biscuits/scones/meringue/caramel cookies and the top tier filled with cupcakes/cakes. 

A close-up look of the 3 tiers savory.

 This cupcake was part of the display at the high-tea.  However, I then noticed that this cupcakes caters for those walk-in customers.  You know, I have mentioned earlier that you can walk-in without prior booking?  This cupcake is part of the deal when you just walk-in without prior booking; a cup of tea/coffee along with cupcakes & you will find yourself immerse deep in the tranquil scenery of the location :)

This arrangement was just behind our table.  The whole place filled with vintage-y stuff.  Goesh! They were all sooo pretty! I want to steal all of the stuff there (Owhhh, how I wish)! 

Look at those items, hey!!!!! I am obsessed with this place lol
Cute, right?

Have you been to a high-tea like this before?  If you do, share your experience and drop me a comment :) I shall reply them asap xx

...Have a great day my lovesss...
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