24 February 2015

My Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix Swatches

As promised, here are my lip swatches for all the lippie stixs that I bought from Colourpop Cosmetics.  They were US$5 each.  I have 2 satin finishes, 2 matte finishes & 1 pearlized finish.  Personally, I like them all.  Perhaps, I like them all because I do not have a chapped lips to begin with, which makes the application glides smoothly.  Also, I have no issue with their scents.

P/S:  I applied a lip balm on and dried the excess with a paper towel before all applications.   

1. Brunch - Satin

Brunch is an orangy tone lipstick which is nice to be worn during summer time.  It glides smoothly but I do recommend a lip liner as you can see from the lip swatch, there's a ted bit glitch on the upper left lip or it might be just an application error. 

2.  Frida - Satin

Frida is a nude pinky tone lipstick.  It is nice to be worn on a daily basis where you don't have to think much of what eye makeup you want to wear.  Simply nice for my daily wear. Just a pop of color. 

What I like about the Lippie Stix : 

# It is pigmented considering the price!
# It glides smoothly on the lips.
# ColourPoP Cosmetics don’t test their products on animals
# It does not have any chemical taste after application.  I am pretty eff about it & hence I was quite    hesitant to get them at first, but I guess it doesn't matter!  I will definitely look into getting more      in the future.
# It’s cheap!!! Holyy Shit! It’s cheap & pigmented? Man! You can never go wrong with it!         
# I would say staying power for these lippie stixs depending on what you eat BUT I can vouch that    they were are good

3.  Bichette - Matte

Bichette is a matte Red-with blue undertone.  I love this colour.  I have no issue during application. Great pigmentation! I could not digest the fact that its 5 bucks with such awesome pigmentation!!! Beware though, Bichette can bleed and transfer after meals esp if you have a meal that requires you to open your mouth bigger than usual. For instance , eating a burger.  Hence, line your lips first :) 

 4. Creature - Matte

Creature is a deep red with brown undertone.  I adore Creature a lot but I find that the best way to use creature is by lining the lips prior to application as it can bleed and transfer onto fine lines around your lip area easily. So, moral of the story, I need to line my lips first!! Another issue I have with creature, it looks nice face to face but in photos, it looks blotchy.  I retouched several times and finally gave up as I reckon that maybe, it's because I lip swatches all of them one after another on the same day, which I think could be the reason why it doesn't look appealing on camera, close-up. 

5.  Wet - Pearlized

Wet is a silver colour with a hint of light pink undertone. It is the smoothest application among 3 finishes.  This is the most unique colour I have ever tried in my life muahahaha.  Truthfully, I loved it!  I felt as though I was in the outer space after applying wet on my lips.  I don't know about you but that's how I feel at that time lol. 

What I DON'T fancy about these Lippie Stixs:

# I have to use a lip liner before applying the lipstick.  I don't normally gravitate towards wearing a lip liner all the time...

# The part where you have to twist/turn when the product is out, it can be quite tricky to turn BUT what worries me more is the fact that it might just snap & refuse to turn & there goes my product lol.....

# The darker lippie stix can stain your lips, BIG TIME!  

My OVERALL thoughts on these babies...

My faves have to be Frida, Bichette, Creature & Wet. 

I guess you have to try them to know if its up to your liking.  I have no problems with any of their products esp the pigmentation.  Packaging is adorable but I don't fancy the twisting part as I truly fear that it will snap one day!  I have no issue with the scent like some others but that it just me.  

I am looking to get other colors in the future :) 


Do you own any of the lippie stixs? If yes, which one is your favorite? If you don't own them yet, which of the above color you like most? Drop me a comment & I will sure to reply you :)

Have a great day, my lovelies xx