08 February 2015

Colourpop.com / Colourpop Cosmetics Haul & FIRST IMPRESSION!

This is my first haul for 2015.  I am certain that everyone have heard of this company. It has been raved upon for the past months.  It’s Coloupop Cosmetics.  This is a US based company.  Their lippie stix & super shock shadows were all USD$5 each & I must say that their products were pigmented!  For the price, I can't expect much but but but….. I was BLOWN AWAY & their products were PHENOMENAL!  Did I just repeat that? Haha

Here’s a sneak peek of what the package along with what’s in the package.  I won’t be doing any swatches yet!  You will have to wait for my next blog post ok? 

Pretty package, right? :)

Package is secured with foam to prevent from any damage. Considering the package actually came from US, you can imagine this box might have been chucked/kicked, god knows how many times... So, I am extremely glad on how thoughtful of this company for taking that extra mile to ensure their customers were all happy to receive their packages :) 

 5 Lippie Stix & 6 Super Shock Shadows

For the Lippie Stix, it came with a note-tip on how to apply since these babies have different finishes. This way, you won't be lost as there's a guide on what is the best technique to apply for whichever lippie stix you bought. This way, it makes you feel satisfied as a customer knowing that you won't throw your products just because you're unsure on how to use it :)


Made with LOVE in the U.S.A

Look at the packaging? How can that not be adorable, right? I am a huge sucker for packaging & YES, I kept 1 box of this lippie stix just because it's super pretty. Look at the font? It has a dual chrome when you tilt it on either sides.

Lippie Stix - Creature . Brunch . Bichette . Frida . Wet .

Lippie Stix - Frida . Wet . Bichette . Creature . Brunch

6 Super Shock SHADOWS @ USD5 each

Keep The Magic in CLOSE JAR TIGHTLY after use!


Top Clockwise - Cheeky . Lace . Bill . Hustle . Dare . Eye Candy .

Super Shock SHADOW tip & tricks

Lippie STIX + Lippie PENCIL Tips

If any of you have already bought it, what colour did you get? I would love to know :) If not yet, I think you should get a couple of colours from different finishes :) 

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