18 January 2015

Erin Condren (EC) Life Planner Unboxing/Haul

Who don’t like a planner? A physical planner I mean. I like to physically see what I plan on a weekly basis.  That is how I get things organised and bring forward what is not done for the following week.  Like any other year, I will walk into Kikki-K and get carried away of which planner to choose because they were all gorgeously beautiful, Agree? Yerp!

But but but but…..

I decided to try something else for 2015. A planner that has more space to write & decorate it however I wish too (if you want to decorate it but otherwise, it is cute just the way it is). It’s called the ErinCondren Life Planner


Erincondren is a US-based company. The packaging itself gives me a goosebumps!  It is well executed. However, the price might shock you BUT BUT BUT I don't care coz I think for its price, its worth every penny!

Most of the planner cost you US$50 but sadly the shipping cost blew it all hahaha.. I have to pay additional US$35 for it to be shipped to Australia. In total, including all the a la carte stuffs I bought, I end up paying around US$120 bucks. owh well! I am soooo determined & absolute with my decision to get it no matter what.  

As I opened up the box, I became pretty excited seeing heaps of pretty stuff and EC really took a huge pride at bringing the best of quality products when comes to packaging.  There's definitely no room for any damages, for sure :)

Look at all the pretty stuff!! Quotes+bunch of goodies :)

I bought 3 a la carte items. From left to right: band+pen holder & coil clips.  

My 2015 Monthly Calender.  I used this for on the go - quick track of what's coming & I keep this handy in my bag whenever I am out instead of carrying my planner with me..

The package came with full bubble wrapped around the planner so there will be no possibility of damage... You get the drift yea? I hate when the edges of a book became dent/bent... hate it hate it! 

The great thing about this planner in my opinion is the fact that you can customize the planner to your liking. The cover is detachable which means whenever you're sick & tired of that front cover, you can always get a new cover from the website. I freakin' love that idea!! Don't ya? Also, you can add your name however you wish like... Look at mine? The alphabet 'H' & 'N' are both in capital letter.  In addition to that, you can customize your inside planner too. Howwww freakin' ingenious!!!

This is the 1st page of the planner. As you flip to the next few pages, the content would be pretty much filled with awesome quotes that can drives your positivist!  At least, that is how I felt!

 After you flip the few pages of pretty quotes, you will be directed to an over view of a monthly planner where you can have a glimpse of rent due, pay day, bills & other misc.  You also have a note on the very right side and each date have enough space for you to jot down quick note!  I adore the space given as well as the overview of the monthly calender.

After you flip through the overview monthly page, you will be directed to a weekly planner.  In this section, I kinda decorate it with washi tapes, scrap papers as stickers. You can do whatever you like :) 

In the weekly planner,  it has 3 different sections ; Morning, Day & Night.  Truthfully, I did not follow the routine section.  Reason being, I prefer to have it written down in such a way, where I can just jot down what I want to do or achieve for the day and I can always bring forward to the next day etc if its not done yet and I have plenty of space to work with as well as decorate it too hahaha


Well, that sums up pretty much my haul for my ErinCondren 2015 Life Planner.  I have to admit I am rather obsessed and so determine to write stuff down as compared to my previous years lol. I wonder if that is a good thing? or just an excuse? haha, whateva lol