16 December 2014

Review - Zoeva Makeup Artist Brush Belt

I know I have been vanished for a while now but I am making a comeback with a new love for a brush company called Zoeva. Zoeva is a German based company.

I bought these babies from the actual website @ https://www.zoeva-shop.de/en/ . For Australian, you can just click directly onto the link above.  Other places where you can get your hands on Zoeva Brushes;

https://www.love-makeup.co.uk/zoeva-m-100.html {Ship internationally with additional charge in GBP}

Zoeva Brushes

Makeup Artist Brush Belt  
Cost:  EUR $147.00 
Shipping Charge:  EUR 13.00   

It comes with 25 brushes for face & eye along with a belt.

It is a mid-range brush company with well-made handle, ferrule, bristles and they are in great shape despite washing them many times since I got them 5 months ago.

All these pretty brushes come with a black shiny glittery/shimmery handle along with a nickel ferrule. The bristles are either natural or synthetic.

From left:  < 125-Stippling, 122-Petit Stippling, 108-Face Artist, 103-Defined Buffer, 104-Buffer >

It has a slogan of { ZOEVA } on the front handle and { COLOR. LOVER. MAKEUP } at the back- end of each brush handle.

Each brush has its own numbering as well as what the brush can be used for.  

I have been using these brushes since July 2014.  That means, I have been using it diligently for 5 months now & it has been going through a lot of deep cleaning. Not only have I used these brushes on myself (on trial, so I know which brushes aren't good to be used for clients) but I used it for all my clients and I must say everyone were impressed and so am I !!

From left < 101-Luxe Face Definer, 105-Luxe Highlight, 106-Powder >

Why did I opt for a Makeup Artist Brush Belt set? Well, I got it for my Makeup School purposes :) 
Reason being, one of my Adelaide Blogger - Celeste Wong whom enrolled into the school early this year informed me to not bother getting the makeup brushes from our Makeup school. For the price I have to pay for a home brand Makeup brushes from the school, I could splurged on a decent one with a better quality brushes & bristles. So, she suggested trying Zoeva as recommended by one of the other blogger whom is a makeup artist from Adelaide too.

From left < 110-Face Shape, 127-Luxe Sheer Cheek, 142-Concealer Buffer >

From left < 227-Luxe Soft Definer, 223-Petit Eye Blender, 230-Luxe Pencil, 231-Luxe Petit Crease, 221-Luxe Soft Crease, 228-Crease

The quality of these brushes were phenomenal considering the fact its affordable too! I do not have any problem with shedding or stained bristle. Do take note, I am pretty OCD when comes to dirty brushes so I deep cleanse them every week prior to any shoot/classes.

Quality Control:  Sturdy & there's a ted bit of weight which makes application smoother (In my opinion).  

Shipping:  The item arrived at my door step promptly and within the period of 2 weeks.  All the items were bubble wrapped which allows no movement within the box. I am impressed with their service quality!  

 From left < 227-Luxe Soft Definer, 228-Crease, 221-Luxe Soft Crease, >

 From left < 230-Luxe Pencil, 231-Luxe Pencil Crease, 223-Petit Eye Blender >

From left < 226-Smudger, 234-Luxe Smoky Shader, 233-Cream Shader

From left < 322-Brow Line, 317-Wing Liner, 312-Detail Liner

 From left < 142-Concealer Buffer, 110-Face Shape >

 127-Luxe Sheer Cheek

109-Luxe Face Paint ( I mainly use this for cheek bone contouring )
* This brush reminded me of NARS Ita.

If you purchase Zoeva brushes individually, the brush will come in a zippy bag from the above picture which I personally adore.  To me, they take additional step to make their packaging more presentable.  Kudos!!

You know how some brushes can be scratchy during application?? It infuriates me a lot and hence I am impressed at how Zoeva Brushes were all super soft & not scratchy at all!! Truthfully, I kept going back to my Zoeva brushes whenever is possible and will only look for my other brushes when Zoeva brushes were all filthy. Overall, I must say that Zoeva brushes are presently leading on list among all my high-end & mid-range brushes :) #worthyourmoney

Photos were captured using a #Canon700D