08 August 2014

Benefit Cosmetics Party

2 weeks ago,  I went to a Benefit Cosmetics Party in Myer, Adelaide.  It was my first time experiencing a beauty party.  I have no clue of what to expect which I guess it’s a good thing.  Meeting new people can be quite overwhelming for me cuz I am naturally a shy person AH HAH!  Although, I must say that once I started mingling with others I get comfortable and fine with it soon after :)

The Party is an introduction to their new product that was launched not long ago.  Its "They're Real! Push Up Liner".  Owh yes!!  I was ecstatic to know that the party will include proper education or shall I say the proper technique to use the liner.  I honestly have no idea how to use the liner which I have end up contemplating on buying it BUT BUT BUT this party changes everything. How I perceived & thought about the product and its application!!  

Everyone has their own brushes, a hand mirror, a benefit form record, a drink, a cupcake that was baked by a Benefit Cosmetics Counter Manager called Kitty & mainly the rest of the stuff that's on the table are to be shared among all participants :)

To me, having this party is the best part as we’re able to try all the products that are available on the table for us to use.  For those who had their makeup done prior to the party, are recommended to remove them so that we are able to use them from prep the skin to foundation, eyeshadow, mascara & off course their new launch eyeliner :)

They have variety of products that caters from Pale, Yellow, Olives & dark skin tones :)  So, no one is missing out hehe

There's 3 BENE Girls who’s there to help us choosing the right shade for our skin tone & assist us whenever needed.  That is a huge relief considering there's so much to choose from the table hehe.

The 2 most awesome people who taught us the proper technique using "They’re Real! Push-Up Liner" :) 
I was impressed at how it glides nicely without looking streaky.  Can’t blame me though, I have been watching You Tubers applying the liners and somehow it does not look right or appealing at all lol.  RIGHT NOW!!??  I am not afraid at all haha. IMPRESSIVE TECHNIQUE!

The Policewoman in sunnies is their signature for "They're Real! Push-Up Liners".  How adorable!

To attend the party, I have to pay AUD$50 and it's redeemable on any Benefit Cosmetics Products.  So, after choosing the items I wanted, I end up paying additional AUD$75. So, here they are...

1.  Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in RSPV
2.  Fake up in Medium
3.  They're Real! Push-Up Liner 
4.  They're Real! Remover 
5.  Benefit Silky-Finish Lipstick in Breathless 

I was given a Cutie Goodie Bag with heaps of samples to try but most of the items I have own except for Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer Stick :)

Lastly,  I met another Beauty Blogger from Adelaide :)  Her name is Lauren & she is super nice.  Do check her blog too :)  It was nice to finally meet her in person x