24 July 2014

A current student at Media Makeup, Adelaide

Truth to be told, I enrolled into a Make up school in Adelaide called Media Make up not long ago.  I have been hesitating for the longest time if I should embark into the Make up industry.  I have been a beauty enthusiast not long ago... probably for the past 3 years.  It all begins when I was in University.  Life in University as a student, especially in Science can be pretty hectic and full on.  

One day, my friends and I were chillin' out after exam's over,YAHOO! and I started asking her about beauty stuff related ; how did you manage to draw such a pretty eyebrow arch & make up in general...

so, she introduced me to YOUTUBE! Holly Crap! I didn't know that people do tutorials on YouTube. Owh, goesh! Don't even start yea! I am sucha noob man haha!  Since then, whenever I need a time off from Journal articles and tut work, YouTube tutorials/reviews/chitchat are the place where I fall back onto and bring back my sanity from the ridiculous Uni work!  

I have been enjoying all my classes so far.  I did ONE work experience recently which consist of just observing the MUA did a make up on a model.  Later on, I helped the photographer to hold the reflector and I must say it was cool knowing how a reflector can make a difference on a photo. Just amazing!

Credit to Celeste Wong for the above photo.