23 June 2014

Review: Loreal Nude Magique EAU DE TEINT

I am such a noob when it comes to drugstore foundation.  I have trouble getting my color match.  Don't ask me why! That is how it is, somehow lol.  I am quite terrified to do a self match, reason being... I have seen heaps of people out there putting on foundation that does not match their skin & you can see a cross line between the jawline, neck & the face... ( You get the drift, donch ya? )

But I was in desperation to get this foundation due to the raves & hypes.  Typical of me, ey!  So, I decided to get my color match at Myer where there isn't many people around lol.  

Introducing The New Loreal Nude Magique EAU DE TEINT

Packaging:  I like the fact that it comes with a sleek-classy glass bottle which contain a 20mls of product.  However, the negative part would be not having a pump. Which makes it less hygienic and can be quite messy during application.  

Shades:  It has only 6 shades to choose from which can be negative for dark skin tones which I find it peculiar considering that Loreal's other foundations have a huge selection of color range.  I am in a shade called Pure Beige

It has SPF 18 which can be good or bad depending on how you sees it.  It can have a hint of white cast with flash photography but on the other hand, it has SPF in it which is a bonus for those who are not keen to wear another layer of SPF protection cream.   

So, what are Loreal claims on this product? 

Eau de Teint Nude Magique Foundation reinvents traditional foundation with a formula lighter than water for a no-makeup feel and a perfect nude finish. Shake it and discover on your fingertips a texture lighter than water, as light as a feather. Perfectly invisible, invisibly perfect. Our ideal nude!

Formula:  Very liquid-y, lightweight, easily blend-able on skin & look seamless as though you're not putting any foundation on.  The claim Loreal made on this foundation is true, in my opinion.

Application:  Shake the bottle before use and apply the product onto the skin using your finger - tip dot over the face and I used a buffing brush from Real Technique for this application as it does a good job making it look seamless without any patchiness. It blends beautifully and feels silky smooth without feeling thick on the skin.  I do not recommend  using a sponge as it sucks heaps of product which can be wasteful.  Why use a sponge when you can use a brush and keep the product longer, right?   

- Natural lighting -

    A close-up look on the foundation from a natural lighting

You be the judge?  This photo was taken during my recent trip to New Zealand.  Well, this is the only photo, taken with a flash on.  Yerp, I wore solely this foundation during my trip & I must say it look FANTABULOUS and you cant see any white cast although there's SPF in the foundation! Don't you reckon?  

Finish:   I absolutely love the finish of this foundation. From my personal point of view, it has a dewy finish and looks natural on skin.  Some say that it's semi matte but I do not experienced that kind of finish on my skin. You can see from the above picture.  (Just so you know, I do not fancy any matte finish looking foundation.  So, I am impressed with this foundation as it even out my skin tone, reduces redness around my nasolabial fold.However, it is not enough to cover under eye dark circle so you need to use a separate concealer for it. 

Longevity:  This foundation last a decent amount of time.  During my recent trip to New Zealand, I got up each day at 0545hrs to get ready and I remove my make up at 2100hrs and I do not touch-up throughout the day.     The above picture was take at 1600hrs.  Overall,  I am IMPRESSED!!

Negative:   -  No pumps
                             -  Limited shades
                             -  Lesser amount than normal standard foundation which is supposedly 30mls.

Overall thoughts:    

I am impressed with how the foundation looks on my skin - natural, healthy looking.  If you're looking for a light weight- skin like foundation, I suggest you give this a try :)

Available at Priceline & Myer for AU$24.95