22 April 2014

My recent Go-To Product

Recently, I have been feeling under the weather although I smiled in all my Instagram photos.  I hardly shows any negativity on social media when comes to my health. Due to feeling unwell, whenever I go out these past weeks,  I have been going out without putting any make-up on and I have been rocking out 3 items that I feel it is a GO-TO Product for me.


M.A.C Rebel
Inglot lip liner no. 62
Stila Stay all day "waterproof" liquid eyeliner

Personally,  I think putting on a lipstick will hide any tireness/paleness on my face.  I would say it gives my face a little "umph", (if such word even exist) hehe.  Yes, I can go out without any make up on; such as blush or foundation/BB cream but these 3 items from the above picture is a MUST in my current routine.   Those combos have saved me for the past weeks or so.  What are you routine like on days where you don't feel like putting any make up on but you want to look presentable?  Do share your thoughts :)