31 March 2014

Review: Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look Mascara

I am always hunting for a mascara that is not too dramatic and the kind that will not smear on my lower lash line as well as making the eyelash looks natural.  I have notice that this mascara did not get as much attention as other drugstore mascaras such as "Maybelline Falsies".

Correct me if I am wrong but apparently Max Factor products are not readily available in the states. I guess its a plus point to be here in down under lol. We have heaps of Max factor products readily available at "Priceline"

Here's my review on the product that is currently in my favorite list :)

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look Mascara

This mascara retails for AUD$19.90 at Priceline.  The packaging came in a typical plastic with gold labelled written on. Nothing fancy, really!  

This mascara has a thick wand and the formula on the other hand is not too wet nor dry, that is in my opinion!  A typical thick wand like this would normally clump your eyelash after application but SURPRISINGLY it does NOT clump on me! Yeyy!!

In my opinion, the mascara can be used for a natural or dramatic look depending on your coating application.  On days where you don't want to put an eyeliner, you can apply two coats and this gives the darkness around the outer corner of your eye. If you wish to go for a subtle/natural look, just do a one coat & you're good to go :)

According to the packaging description, It claims to:

*  Fattens even the thinnest lashes for a thick, dramatic look, with up to 300% more volume vs. bare lashes

*  It stays smudge-proof & it is water-resistant

*  Great choice for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers

*  Fragrance free
Quote from the website/back of the packaging

Natural eyelash without curling
- Yerp! I do have sparse eyelash-

-One Coat of application-
Ideally, this is good for those who wish to go for a natural look.

-Two coats of applications-
On days where I have no time to apply an eyeliner, I will apply 2 coats of this mascara and it kinda intensify the darkness on the outer corner of my eyelash.  I love how it turns out!

My Overall Thoughts..... 4.5/5

-  I love how the application can change your look. If you want a subtle look, just a coat is sufficient & if you want a dramatic/bolder look, go for 2 coats or more!

-  I have trouble with few mascaras due to smearing on my lower lash BUT BUT BUT this mascara did not smear on me. So, its claim to be smudged proof is TRUE!

-  It can be quite tricky to remove the mascara. Be sure to use a proper eye make up remover and you will be fine :) 

-  Although I do have sparse eyelash, this mascara somehow diminishes the sparseness & turns it into a natural looking, the way i like how it is on the above picture!

-  My friend who has a straight-short eyelash bought this mascara and she said it doesn't do anything for her although she curled it before putting the mascara on. So, you might want to give this a pass if you have a straight-short eyelash, alright? 

So, what is your current favorite Mascara?