16 March 2014

Review: Hourglass Ambient Powder in Moodlight

I have been obsessed with this baby called Hourglass Ambient Powder in Mood Light since I got it last October & I have been using it diligently since.

It has been raved on YouTube since it came out last year!!

It comes in 6 shades. It comes with a brush but you have to purchase it separately! 
I randomly picked Mood Light because of the color. It kinda matches my skin tone when I swatches it.  I did not read an in-depth information before purchasing the item as I thought the product would pretty much be the same.Owh well...
It retails for AUD$62.00 from www.meccacosmetica.com

I love how sophisticated the packaging looks like. It has the overall classy looking packaging. I am indeed a sucker for packaging lol. Although at first, I was rather astonished when I went in-store to have a play with these babies. I could not described how shocking it was till the make-up artist told me, the packaging doesn't look like that. Phewww, I was relieved,indeed.

This finishing powder creates a pretty soft focused, air brushed looking on the skin.  The Hourglass powder minimizes any harsh lights and refines appearance providing luminosity to the skin especially with photograph ( in my opinion ).  Mood Light powder in particular, a sheer pinky powder gives a dull skin appear a brightening complexion, somehow.   Bare in mind that this powder is NOT a powder foundation!  It is a finishing powder.

~ A close-up look ~

                                                                    A close-up look on the swatch

It looks pretty opaque from the picture above. However, dusting it all over after your foundation does not make the face cakey at all. ( I swear! hehe ).  The powder is so fine and silky smooth after application. It does not seat on your fine lines nor pores.

My Overall Thoughts.....

I see a difference when I dust Mood Light on and when I don't. Seems to me, it does a better job in diminishing imperfections and generally improves the look of my skin. I’m curious to hear your thoughts if you have tried the powder!