06 March 2014

Review: Candylens.com on Vassen Cloud Nine Pink

After heaps of contemplation, I finally made a REAL purchase with Candylens.com .

I grew up in an environment where I have to put on glasses all the time. It came to a point where contact lenses grew famous & I personally started using one when I was 16 years old. So....its been 17 years now & I have been a loyal consumer of Acuvue & Bauch & lomb brand until colored lenses got its hyped on. 

So, for the past few years,I have been trying on colored/circle lenses & recently I have been to several websites to see what colors & ranges they have. Here is my problem. I have a tendency of adding the item into a cart & leave the websites for days or weeks before making the final D... decision I mean lol. Simply me! What caught my attention to this particular company is their shipping rate. I think Candylens wins it by far( at least,in my opinion! )

Candylens not only sell circle lenses, but also beauty products such as BB creams & facial masks. The company claims that the circle lenses are KFDA (The Korean Food & Drug Administration approved.  

For this Particular post, I will be reviewing on Vassen Cloud Nine Pink. 

It is USD$23.90 sold as per pair, with a 14.5mm Diameter, 8.6mm Base Curve & 42% Water Content
It should be replaced within 24 months after use.

 The package arrived at my doorstep with bubble wraps on all the vials. Its was beautifully packed and sealed.

In the package, the company threw a lens container as a free gift ( SEE the adorable color containers? Gawd!! Plain adorable ) along with a thank you card! How sweet. Little gesture makes a difference as a consumer! I like how they run their business :)

Vassen in Cloud Nice Pink ( with prescription )

Close-up. Look at the container!! How adorable!

Frankly speaking, I do not fancy the vial type but it seems to be a norm thing for circle lenses. Please be extra careful while removing the cap. You might get a cut if not careful. 

Close-up of Vassen Cloud Nine Pink

On a certain lighting, the lens gives me a different color. It can be pink, lilac or reddish. This picture was taken facing the bright sun.

Close-up look

This picture was taken when the sun went down. I am not quite sure if you can see any difference but certainly you can, if you see me face to face :)

My overall thoughts....

~ I Received the item on time. It specifically states that it arrives Australia within 10-15 days.
~ I suggest to soak it overnight before using it or you might feel slightly uncomfortable.
~Overall use, upon application, I felt a mild discomfort but after a few blinks... All's well.
~ I like how it look on me especially now that I have lilac hair. 
~ I rate 4.5 / 5 ( Highly recommended ! )