16 February 2014

Tartan is in now!

I walked around Rundall Mall earlier this afternoon while Hugo's at work. Yerp! Its Saturday & he is at work. I walked around and noticed few shops have been stocking Tartan Leggings/Skater Skirt. I, on the other hand has always fancy Tartan Leggings and seems to me, its back on trend now or has been "an in thing". 

For me, I will pair up this Pretty Berry Tartan with an Oversize Top, a Scarf & a High-Top Sneaker/Shoe ( that is because, I cant wear wedges lol but of course you can wear a wedges if you can afford to walk around with it )

I, personally will not pair a pattern Top/Scarf/Shoe with Tartan Leggings/Skirts because I do not wish to have, too many things going on since I have a Tartan Legging on. My Tartan Legging is My Statement Piece and I want it to stands out and that means, the rest would be plain. Plain top, plain scarf & plain shoe. Nothing too fancy! 

This is how I style my Tartan :)




Wittner Shoe