04 February 2014

Review: Lush Fresh Face Mask in CupCake

Here's my thoughts on the fresh face mask that I bought not long ago. My first impression of this mask was mehhhh.... like any ordinary mask because I have been a huge fan of Korean Face Mask all these years! Perhaps, I am being slightly bias on this, just because I love Korean Products. hehe

Review on The Lush Fresh Face Mask in CupCake

So, I gave The Lush 'Cupcake' Face Mask a try & hands down to them for making me feel awestruck! Yerp, I became obsessed with the mask that I bought a second tub ( small tub ).

This Mask....

is freshly made & preservative-free

has a life-span of 3 weeks  

has to be stored in a fridge. (OMG! Apply the mask directly out from the fridge onto your face & it gives you the best cooling feeling ever, especially if you use it during the HOT SUMMER weather!)

Keep it in the Fridge

has a coca scent (If you are not a huge fan of scented products, you might want to give it a go. 

contain vanilla to calm down redness-es & breakouts 

cater for spotty & oily skin

Suck up all the oils & reduce acne

is 75g for AU$16.95, SGD26.50, US6.95, UK5.95

I look disgusting lol

Cupcake Fresh Mask Ingredients....
  • Rhassoul Mud ~ Contain mineral clay mined from Morocco where it is readily use to soften the skin, reduce oil secretion, regenerate the skin by removing dead skin cell & tightening skin pores

  • Linseed Infusionhelps treating acne

  • Glycerinehelps skin to retain its moisture

  • Cocoa Powder ~ provide a fragrance to the product

  • Talc ~ it provides mattifying effect to the skin.

  • Sandalwood Oiluses as an emollient, to soften & smoothen the skin

  • FreshMint ~ uses to cool the skin down & for antiseptic purposes

  • Spearmint & Peppermint Oil ~ has a cooling properties to cool the skin down

  • Perfume ~ Adds-on to the product to give a nice aroma

My Thoughts on this product??

+ I don't fancy the mask but I tried putting it on despite the scent. I grew accustomed to the scent. Not a biggie for me.

+ I like how it specifically states at the back of the tub who made the mask. It made you feel that it has a human touch rather than machine touch. hehe (I am just being weird lol)

Mine was made by Micheal!

+ It has a soft yet firm texture (muddy) which made the application easy. It is not  a runny or messy mask like some others I have tried.

+ I rinsed it with a lukewarm water alongside with a circular motion & I have noticed that this mask has small granules that somehow made the rinsing process better or should I say... cleaner as I feel that it manages to remove any gunk on my face.

+ 10 to 15 mins of mask application is sufficient enough for me. Do not attempt to wait till it dries completely, although, I should have asked the sales girl what will happen if I attempt to do so!! hmm  

+ Avoid applying the mask near your mouth, it taste horrible although the scent is nice hehe.

+ The next day, I woke up touching my face... it felt sooo smooth!!

+ On a daily basis, I do have a dry skin around my nose bridge, although, I moisturize my face properly but after the mask application, I put on a  BB Cream/Foundation and guess what happened? The dry skin is no longer visible. So, having said that.... this mask somehow smoothen my skin which made my BBcream application way betta!

I have small dry patches here & there.
Picture before applying the Mask-

+ I suggest not to buy a big tub (if there is any) because the life-span of the product is maximum 3 weeks. (correct me if I am wrong)

+ Price? Its pretty common here in Australia considering our wages are up there & hence the product price has to be at par, yea?! Well, I am not fuss about the price so long as it works on my skin, obviously.

+ My blackheads/pores has reduced after using this mask & the dry patches is definitely not seen after rinsing!

Post Mask application-
See?? Dry patches are no longer visible!

+ To me, it is a luxury product, so if you're feeling meeeh from work & wish to pamper yourself in your bathtub, get this mask. You will enjoy the cooling effect :)

+ Overall, I recommend this mask to anyone with Oily/Combo skin type, blackheads/huge pores, lightly dry skin & someone with acne issue.

+ I like the fact that you're given a free mask when you bring back 5 tubs. How environmental friendly is that! 

Packaging: 5/5 ( Sturdy )
Performance: 4/5 (Good)
Quality: 5/5 ( All natural ingredients )
Availability: 5/5 
Price: 4/5 ( It would be ideal if the price can be the same across the board! )
Experience on the product: 5/5 ( AWESTRUCK )