06 February 2014

Nasty Endep

I have been pain-free since I came back from my last trip to Singapore in mid December 2013. I have been on a basic routine such as stretching, yoga & cupping+massage. Seems like the pain has reduced tremendously but each day when I gets up, I often fear, fear that the pain will return. 

Finally, after 2 months, I felt the pain. The old pain is back by popular deman! YEY!! I am in pain again!!! Something I have forseen coming. The fear I have, for the past 2 months, it happened yesterday. I resist from taking any pain tablet, wanting to see how long can I endure the pain but I gave in at night....

So, Endep is a prescribed tablet from my doctor. I went to see him in September & told him, the constant pain I have on my lower back, thigh & calf does not provide any ease for me although at that time I have been going to physio, acupuncture, chiropractor & massage. I told him that I am still young (although I am not!) & I have alof of stuff on my plates now.... So, he prescribed me with this tablet.

He said that this tablet will probably make me...

+ sleepy

+ moody

+if it works, it will be my best friend for the rest of my life

Well, he is right!! I have no mood to do anything. I am constantly feeling tired & depressed. I slept as early as 8pm & got up as late as 2pm the following day. It is a nasty shitty tablet!

The good thing about this nasty tablet, it shut down my neuro-transmitter from sending message to my brain "to say there is pain pain pain" but the cons are.... sleepy, moody & it constipate me!

I cat resist the moody & sleepy feeling. I tried & fail at all attempts! 
So, right now? I am going to see how far I can resist ENDEP tonight. Please, go away pain... I dont need you in my life now. I have alot of stuff plan but it all went bizzard because of my current situation!! :((

p/s: I am grateful although I whine about my pain coz I know there are more unfortunate people out there who is more miserable than I am. I am only Human....