25 February 2014

Review: Nars Blush in Gaiety (Candy Pink)

Introducing Nars Blush in Gaiety (CandyPink)
I must confess that I am a sucker for packaging & I love anything that has pinky undertones. As long as it is pink, my heart will be weakened lol. I simply get drawn to it.

This is my second blush I own from Nars & I must say, they are worth the hypes although it is expensive!

Retail for AUD$45 for 0.16 ounces at www.meccacosmetica.com.au 

It is indeed a bright candy pink with a little shimmer but it goes on matte after application ( It is bizarre but that's the truth , hehe )

-No Flash, direct sun-

Th colour payoff is pretty decent & you can obviously build it up to your suitable desire depending on the occasion. This blush can be used on a daily basis especially if you do not want to be seen as putting on too much blush on

Do not be afraid with the color although it looks pretty bright & bold. It depends on what sort of brush you use. (In my opinion)

-With Flash-

I used a duo fiber brush for this blush application and I wanted it to be subtle. Hence, you can see from above picture, that is how I wanted it to be :)

My Overall thoughts.....

Rate the blush: I love this blush so its a 10/10 haha

Consistency: Color payoff is decent & you can build it to your heart desire :)

Application: This can be subtle or bold, like I said, depending on the brush, occasion & application of course!

Price: It is pretty common for the price since I live in the down under (Australia). I know it is heaps cheaper in US!!

Worth the money? : Yes, this blush will last for ages so I often soothe myself by saying this " aww... its fine! $45 / 12 months = $3.75. Often, blushes last for atleast 3-4 years. So do the math ey!