20 February 2014

Last Weekend OOTD

On a day to day basis, I wear pretty casual. I feel awkward whenever I overdress lol.  That is just simply me! Perhaps, it is also because Hugo likes casual attire as he claimed, and that he has to dress up to work on a daily basis so weekends are obviously a laid back casual Hugo.  That is why we can get along well I guess lol. So, you will expect to see heaps of casual fashion attire from me.  I simply call myself a "Plain Jane".

So, here is my OOTD from last Sunday.

Jewelry:  Colette ( On 50% Sale last week! Good bargain. Check them out! I am guessing the sale is still ongoing )

   Top:  Temt

   Skirt:  Cotton On

See for yourself. Hugo & his casual style. Wait, I do not call that a style but close enuf'. haha opps. Well, you get the drift now yea? If I overdress, we simply don't compliment each other. I recalled walking around Rundall Mall with him & I noticed few glared!! So, I told myself..... tetttttt NO MORE OVERDRESS when I am with Hugo.