18 January 2014


I went to Princeline recently hunting for a gentle face cleanser. Nope, I am not replacing my Cetaphil but more of wanting a stronger product than Cetaphil since I have been using it for One Year now and I have noticed that Cetaphil is not a strong facial cleanser that can remove any remainder excess make-up gunk aftter removing it with a make up wipes.

What caught my eyes was the fact that I have seen/heard heaps of youtubers raving about products that have Paraben in it. Somehow, it caught my attention at the time I was there at priceline. Well, to be honest, I love the scent Aveeno has rather than Biore. The only reason I did not get the Aveeno is because there is MethylParaben in it. RIGHT!! Sadly, I cant google it because I was at a Priceline outlet in basement level & my mobile phone reception was horrific!

I have been meaning to look further regarding the hype about "Paraben Family" in general. For instance, MethlyParaben. As you know, Paraben is used in cosmetic products & food preservatives. It was also linked as a culprit in cancer, particularly Breast Cancer. How true & legit this claim about paraben can cause or is a cause of cancer? Hmmmmm....

See that??  Due to lack of knowledge, I decided not to buy the facial cleanser from Aveeno because one of the ingredients is MethylParaben. Although I love the scent. heh.

In conclusion, according to FDA... the percentage of Paraben used in cosmetic & food preservatives are safe. I guess we just have to take their words for it since articles after articles I read seems to convince me that it is safe. 

Well, i guess its up to individual now. I keep a look out for any future research in regards to this controversy.

Adios for now...