28 January 2014

e'nuf Burger Bar on Glenelg East, Adelaide

I was truly skeptical to try eating at new food/restaurant area. Whenever Hugo drove passed this shop on Anzac Highway, he will repeatedly tells me that we should go & try their food one day. Last Saturday, Hugo & I have the "BALLZ"  to try their burgers. I think what captivated Hugo's eyes was the vibrancy of the shop color. How can you not be captivated hey? Its BRIGHT ORANGE!! 

-e'nuf Burger Bar on Anzac Highway, Adelaide-

As usual, Hugo has a bigger eyes than his stomach lol. We could have ordered a large chips & a regular onion ring but NOOOO!! He asked for 2 regular chips & 1 regular onion ring. We were sooo full that I took home 1 regular size of chip with us.

Honestly, I love their chips!! Its not too salty nor tasteless. There's spices on the chips. I would say that the spices on the chips made a huge different. No clue what spices they added it on but its definitely A MUST TO TRY WHEN YOU GET YOUR HANDS to this place!

-Hugo's 'enuf Burger'-

-Left Rajun Cajun Burger, Right was Hugo's Burger.

As you can see from the above picture, I love how the burgers were presented. It came to us fresh & readily to be eaten by 2 hungry humans lol. Owh, you get to pick from a variety of bread. As you can see, mine was a Wholemeal & Hugo's bread was a Sesame Seed Bread.  All their bread were homemade fresh!

I am a huge sucker for ambiance! I love the whole theme shop. I did not get a chance to snap pictures from other areas because the queue was quite long. Here, I managed to get a few photos of 

My Final Thoughts on the food

Value: 4/5 I would say the price you have to pay for a burger+chips+drink are pretty much the same everywhere considering they have variety of bread & meat flavors. The food is good in general. If you feel guilty going to Macces/Hungry Jack, I reckon you should give this shop a try as I personally feels that the meals are pretty healthy considering the fact its called "burger". A healthy version, I would say.

Atmosphere: 4/5 I love the whole concept+color of the shop. Its pretty vibrant (a mixture of Black & Orange which you can never go wrong with it) The light bulbs are covered with mason jar & spaghetti strainer ~ How cool is that? However, I do admit that they need to clean the shop whenever is possible to maintain the shop hygiene. 

Service: 2.5/5 Firstly, I would seriously think that their customer service is not good considering when my husband asked the girl at the cashier "how big is the chip" & her reply was.. well its just a normal size.... Hmm to me, if you're not keen to be in a service/customer service orientated line... then I suggest this is not the right job for you because you will end up losing customers with such attitudes of yours. Alternatively, you should perhaps show us the different kind of sizes you have available to prevent from customers asking you further questions which may lead to long queue. 

Secondly, food arrival is rather peculiar. The burger comes first & chips arrived later. The chips should arrive before the burger does. This happened twice when I was there. 

Thirdly, dirty tables took ages to clean & wipe. The way the wipe it seems retarded because I had stained on it even after they cleaned the table. How bizarre!

Food: 4/5 I have no bad comments to say about their food. So far, whatever burger I ordered... seems nice to my taste. Food came out fresh & hot.