05 October 2015

15 WeiRd FaCts TaG

A week ago, I was tagged by Kim to do a 15 WEIRD FACTS about myself. Haha, I adore doing this type of post as it allows readers to know you more than just as a blogger (it's not as if we are famous yea? What else to call ourselves if not a blogger, right?). You get whaaaat I meaaann? haha Let's get started :D

*uber excited nyeh nyeh nyeh*

12 September 2015

10 Minutes Base Routine

For the past 1 week, I have been doing a lot of trial on my face LOL. To be honest, I have been avoiding wearing foundation for ONE reason!  I have been going through this period called ‘purging’. Whaaaat is that? Well, I won’t go into detail, as I will be doing another blog post especially for that. Truth is, ever since I started using clarisonic, I experienced seeing pinky pop, which I called pimples – owhh hello pimples! I am waving at ya! However, do not be alarmed, guys! Apparently, it’s pretty common.

30 August 2015

Morphe Brushes || Eye brushes

Not long ago, Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Morphe Brushes Company, doing a warm palette, which went frenzied across the world (I may be exaggerating here haha). I AM NOT JOKING! People went nuts. Sadly, I didn’t get my hands on the palette (I was busy sleeping post night shift LOL). When I got up hours later, it WAS SOLD OUT! Like whaaaaatttt?? So, basically…. Today’s post is on Morhpe eye brushes, which I picked up somewhat in late June. I have been using it for a good 1-month ish which I think it's good enought to share my thoughts on these babies! 

18 August 2015

July Favorites

I cant believe it’s already August! Time past so fast this year. Is it just me or everyone else felt the same way? I am certain that everyone felt the same way, yea? Not long till Halloween & Christmas!!! OOOO EMMMM GEEE!

Before I share my July Favorites, I would like to apologize for being inconsistent with my post.  I just started a new job somewhat late July and I have been pretty tired. I guess I am not used to the schedule yet. I have been working on permanent night shift for the past years so having to do normal shift hours kinda hard for me {It’s not an excuse hokey} lol. In addition, my body requires some adjustment with the new environment & new work colleagues WHICH I ADORE THEM and I thoroughly enjoyed every bits of it :D

From now on, I will be posting my monthly favourites in the middle of each month, ok? 

The month of July has been a cruising month for me. I opted to rediscover items from current collection you know how you have tonnes of items which you used for several times & forgotten you have them because you bought new items? Yeah, that’s what I am talking about… bought, loved it & got shafted because you found new items…

02 August 2015

Make-up Collaboration ~ Red as Ruby ~

Today's post is rather an interesting one.  One of the Adelaide Blogger approached me asking if I would do a collaboration post with her. Off course I said YES! hehe. So far, this is the 2nd time I am doing collaboration. Jen is an Adelaide blogger.  We have wanted to do collaboration for few months & it's finally coming to live!