14 July 2016

Current Empties | Skincare & Hair

I am sorry for my hiatus. I was away on a holiday and soon as I got back my jetlagged kicked in and I went back to work which I guess didn't help me get back on my normal routine.  I am feeling much better now, PHEW!

I have been doing a project for myself called #BANHANAFROMSKIN. The main reason why I am doing this project is for me to use all the skincare products I have in my stash. Products, which don’t suit my skin, will go into #declutter bin. This is a good way for me to know what products I have and used, instead of getting new products and piling them up in my skincare stash. #notcool

Don’t you feel satisfied when you see products getting used up? I know I do, and due to that I shall continue this personal project of mine. I have to warn you that I am a huge fan of Korean Skincare & you will notice that my current empties range from Korean products as well as other skincare brands.  Do take note that my skin is pretty sensitive & I seem to get along well with Korean skincare products. Hence, the empties.

28 April 2016

Benefit of Glycolic Acid Peel Pads | Skincare

Hello once again, guys! I know I have been MIA for nearly 3 weeks now? The main reason for my MIA is due to my schedule being reshuffled temporarily. I know it's no excuse but I am making a comeback soon as I know I will be back on my old roster again... YEY! haha. Well today, I shall talk about an ingredient that I personally feel has been changing my life since I started using it. You can see from the title :) 

Do you think that putting acid products on your face/skin sounds scary? I was skeptical at first but I am a LEGIT CONVERT and I cannot see myself not using either the Dr Dennis Gross peel pads nor the Malin+Goetz peel pads.  

04 April 2016

What a Sinner! Lipstick Queen | Casual Sundays

Are you on the look out for a nice coral lipstick that will not wash you out? Something that is vibrant and bold? Look no further than a lipstick called Coral Sinner from Lipstick Queen. The founder of Lipstick Queen was originally known as 'By Poppy', back in the early 90's.

25 March 2016

Bold Expression | FIRST GIVEAWAY

I am sorry that last Sunday's post had to be postponed. I have been under the weather and I'm still suffering as I type lol.  I told myself that when I hit a certain number on Bloglovin', I shall do a small giveaway. So, the time has come to announce that I will be giving away these juicy items for my readers who have been reading my blog since day one :) Thank you for all your support. 

There are few things you need to do before you can enter the giveaway :)


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I will be announcing 2 winners via Instagram & Facebook :) 

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13 March 2016

Casual Sundays | Ren Rose O12 Moisture Defence Oil

Have you heard of Ren Skincare line before? I came across REN few years ago when I walked past Mecca Cosmetica in Myer Adelaide. If you have heard of Ren but you are not entirely sure of the story behind the skincare line... Here's something to spice up your knowledge on whereabouts REN originally came from :) 

REN means clean in Swedish. It was a sort of coincidence that the creator was in the midst of creating a skincare line, while his wife was pregnant and became allergic to all her skin care products. Hence, he decided to make a line of skincare products that are free from nasty ingredients :)

Ren O12 Moisture Defence Oil retail for AUD$100; is described as an ultra moisturising oil formulated for dry & dehydrated skin types.  It has 5 main ingredients ~ Omega 6 Ceramides also known as safflower oil, Soya Bean Oil, Omega 7 from Seabuckthorn Berry Oil, Ximenia Oil from Africa rich in Vitamin C and Cranberry Seed Oil which helps to boost, repair and strengthen our natural moisture barrier from further moisture loss as well as to prevent from any damages such as premature ageing.

I have been using this oil diligently for the past 6 months and I am not even half way through the bottle! It has a mild rose scent and it's not overpowering at all. It is 100% natural and the rose fragrance is a result of the rose oil formation. Goesh... it smells sooo divine!  I used this oil morning and night under my serum and moisturiser. I love how my skin feels after I get up from bed each morning. This oil has a light weight texture that won't make you look greasy after application.

So, do you incorporate facial oil into your skincare routine? I would love to hear what kinds of oil you use as part of your skincare regime? 

Owh, I will be doing a giveaway sometime this week. Stay tune hokey? :D

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