28 June 2015

Reminiscing the past ; MUJI Store

I remember vividly during high school, where I spent a lot of time after school in Bugis Junction - my playground area. Those who were born in Singapore would know this area. Back then, I was a stationary hoarder…. Owh wait, I think I was a stationary enthusiast/collector hahaha. Allow me to introduce MUJI. 

17 June 2015

My MAY-Kup ( MAY - MakeUp ) Faves

I hope I am not too late for my May-kUp(Make-up) favorites.  I have wanted to put this post up but I have to resist myself blearghhh.  Those of my followers/readers surely have seen my previous blog template as well as my old URL.  Yea, I have decided to change the URL and revamp the blog as I think this outlook resonates with me better than before. 

10 April 2015

A tuscany-ian High-Tea in Aldinga, South Australia

Recently, I was introduced by a friend of mine whom I went to a High Tea with at Aldinga, South Australia called The Cupcake Boutique. It is not our typical hotel High-Tea, you know?  I would say it's relatively vintage-y kind of High-Tea. Pretty outskirt from the urbanize side of Adelaide.  It is surrounded with vineyards with an open huge ass concept which made it look hilly.  The vibe I felt as we made a turn into the  location, reminded me so much of Tuscany, Italy.  Not that I have been there but I have been recce-ing Italy for our next holiday destination.  Just ITALY. So, yeah! 

14 March 2015

Neutral | Bold Lips | Blog Collaboration

This post is generally a Makeup Collab with a beauty blogger from Adelaide, South Australia. Her name is Sheri. She is the owner of Behind The Frames blog :)  Click on this blog post & you will be directed to our blog collab post, my lovelies! xx 

So, I asked if she's keen to do a MakeUp Collab with me.  Something 'neutral on the eyes with a bold lip' color.  So, I came out with this look. Please don't judge.  I am generally a smiley girl on camera and I have attempted a zillion shots, notttt lol (Lying of course! haha) for this look.  Non smiley photos aren't my thang lol. 

On the eyes, I prime my lid with NYX HD eye shadow base & I add  MAC PaintPot in Painterly as my base to neutralise my eyelid as I have a pretty nasty protruding veins on my lids. Yicks! 

After much contemplation, I have decided to use what's right in front of me at that time which was MAC ; I mix swiss & corduroy on my crease & blend slightly upwards & bring it down half way on my lower lash line. Keep adding the color & blend blend blend & MakeUpForever eye shadow in TC85A on my lid. 

I used a black gel liner from a Korean brand called ToloMoly and my false lash is from XO Beauty in innocent. I am certain that everyone knows her. The famous You tuber Shannon xoxo from New Zealand.

Oppss! I am sure you all have notice my head piece has changed its place haha.  Ignore that please lol. I just darken the outer corner with MAC Embark - but not to an extend of wanting it to be a cut crease. Just darken slightly to have some definition...

For the lips, I line the outer corner of my lips (top & bottom lips - Outer Corner) with a black eyeliner kohl pencil from Rimmel (but you can use any black eyeliner you have).  I then apply Bichette lipstick from Colourpop Cosmetics mainly on the center and darken the out corer again till you are happy with the result you've wanted :)

I hope you like my Collab with Sheri xx

I thought why not add a few bloopers from my fail attempt during photo taking...

I figured why not throw some bloopers lol. Who doesn't have bloopers right? Damn that lipstick on my tooth lol.  Imagine smiling away like that in the public & not realising there's something on my teeth? EMBAHRASSIN' indeed!!

I hope you all enjoy our Neutral | Bold Lips | Collaboration. I might be doing more collabs in the future too :)   I like the idea of interacting with other bloggers from all parts of the world :)

Do comment & thank you for taking the time to read my post #kisskiss

10 March 2015

No more oil!! Yessa!!

For some reason, people loves summer & so do I but when the heat reaches 40 ish Celsius, it definitely made me irritable!! I will bow to anyone who loves the 40 ish Celsius temperature #Salute #bigtime ! 

Skin Type:  Oily-Combination Skin

For the past 3 months (during summer season), I have been loving TWO Matte foundations.  I used to think that Matte foundation is not for me.  For some reason, I have seen few MUA's at MAC Cosmetics who uses matte foundation & I must say it looks horrific!! The foundation sticks on their dry patches & their faces looks flat/dead... errr.. yuck!  On that instant event, standing in front of one of MAC MUA's enough to change my perception on MATTE foundation in general!

But....... I took the courage to try the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation while I was in LasVegas last November.  The Sephora girl was kind enough to test it on my whole face and let it set.  I was there for half an hour after application just to make sure that it won't set on any dry patches & will not look cakey & flat.  I was impressed!! Aside note, during my vacay in US, I have been wearing Dior Skin Forever Foundation & I do need to blot my face after few hours of application.  It has been a life-time change for me.   I don't have a massive shine on my nose bridge, upper cheek bones, forehead & my chin after changing my foundation :) YEY!! but I do have sheen on my face after many hours of application but not overly OIL Shine, it that makes any sense!

Since I bought the Hourglass foundation & have been using it diligently, I decided to try a relatively affordable foundation which I thought can be used on a daily basis.  The Hourglass Immaculate Foundation has a steep price tag, so, I made my way to Mecca Cosmetica counter in Myer, Adelaide to hunt for Nars Sheer Matte.   

As I approached the counter, the girl suggested to try Nars Sheer Glow on half of my face & the other half with Nars Sheer Matte. I agreed & so it begun!

She reckon that Sheer Matte will look flat whereas the Sheer glow is a semi-matte which will give a sheen but not overly oil production on my face.  After much contemplation,  I came back 3 days later & bought Nars Sheer Glow in Punjab.  I vauched for this foundation too!! 

Nars Sheer Glow in Punjab & Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation have been my faves during summer time Nov 2014- March 2015 

What's your favorite foundation at the moment? Drop me a comment down below. I do appreciate your comments & taking the time to read my post #kisskiss