15 August 2016

Casual Sundays | Thoughts on 3INA Foundation

I had not heard of 3INA Cosmetics till I walked past the store after work and I was captivated by the whole ambience from outside.  You can find 3INA Cosmetics in Melbourne Central and Southland.

01 August 2016

Casual Sundays | Top 3 favourites

This would be my very first post about my current foundation favourites. This is because my past foundations have been a bit average... so its hard to choose one worthy of being my favourite. Thats not the case with the following 3 products, which I introduce to you in no particular order: 3INA, Ellis Faas & YSL Fusion Ink.

14 July 2016

Current Empties | Skincare & Hair

I am sorry for my hiatus. I was away on a holiday and soon as I got back my jetlagged kicked in and I went back to work which I guess didn't help me get back on my normal routine.  I am feeling much better now, PHEW!

I have been doing a project for myself called #BANHANAFROMSKIN. The main reason why I am doing this project is for me to use all the skincare products I have in my stash. Products, which don’t suit my skin, will go into #declutter bin. This is a good way for me to know what products I have and used, instead of getting new products and piling them up in my skincare stash. #notcool

Don’t you feel satisfied when you see products getting used up? I know I do, and due to that I shall continue this personal project of mine. I have to warn you that I am a huge fan of Korean Skincare & you will notice that my current empties range from Korean products as well as other skincare brands.  Do take note that my skin is pretty sensitive & I seem to get along well with Korean skincare products. Hence, the empties.

28 April 2016

Benefit of Glycolic Acid Peel Pads | Skincare

Hello once again, guys! I know I have been MIA for nearly 3 weeks now? The main reason for my MIA is due to my schedule being reshuffled temporarily. I know it's no excuse but I am making a comeback soon as I know I will be back on my old roster again... YEY! haha. Well today, I shall talk about an ingredient that I personally feel has been changing my life since I started using it. You can see from the title :) 

Do you think that putting acid products on your face/skin sounds scary? I was skeptical at first but I am a LEGIT CONVERT and I cannot see myself not using either the Dr Dennis Gross peel pads nor the Malin+Goetz peel pads.  

04 April 2016

What a Sinner! Lipstick Queen | Casual Sundays

Are you on the look out for a nice coral lipstick that will not wash you out? Something that is vibrant and bold? Look no further than a lipstick called Coral Sinner from Lipstick Queen. The founder of Lipstick Queen was originally known as 'By Poppy', back in the early 90's.