09 November 2015

My Current Pick | Bronzers

Are you a huge fan of bronzers? Many of us love to bronze our face but some don’t. Most bronzers have warm tones, which are often used to bring back colours or tan-glow to the face/skin. Some skin tones can use bronzers as a contour too. So, it depends really! Bronzers come in 2 kinds;

a) Being true legit Matte finish b) it has shimmer or slight sheen finish.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of bronzers unless it’s for photography/blogging purposes. I must say though, since I started working I have been slapping on a lot of bronzer, which is SO UNLIKE ME!  I find that some bronzers can look muddy on me. So, here’s my current favourite bronzer.

14 October 2015

September Favourites

Some of you might be new to my blog and wonder why did I post my monthly favourites pretty late yea? I chose to post my favourites in the middle/late of each month because I started my previous favourite posts around the same time so it only made sense to continue the flow as such ;)

These are the products I have been reaching and loved for the month of September :) 

05 October 2015

15 WeiRd FaCts TaG

A week ago, I was tagged by Kim to do a 15 WEIRD FACTS about myself. Haha, I adore doing this type of post as it allows readers to know you more than just as a blogger (it's not as if we are famous yea? What else to call ourselves if not a blogger, right?). You get whaaaat I meaaann? haha Let's get started :D

*uber excited nyeh nyeh nyeh*

12 September 2015

10 Minutes Base Routine

For the past 1 week, I have been doing a lot of trial on my face LOL. To be honest, I have been avoiding wearing foundation for ONE reason!  I have been going through this period called ‘purging’. Whaaaat is that? Well, I won’t go into detail, as I will be doing another blog post especially for that. Truth is, ever since I started using clarisonic, I experienced seeing pinky pop, which I called pimples – owhh hello pimples! I am waving at ya! However, do not be alarmed, guys! Apparently, it’s pretty common.

30 August 2015

Morphe Brushes || Eye brushes

Not long ago, Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Morphe Brushes Company, doing a warm palette, which went frenzied across the world (I may be exaggerating here haha). I AM NOT JOKING! People went nuts. Sadly, I didn’t get my hands on the palette (I was busy sleeping post night shift LOL). When I got up hours later, it WAS SOLD OUT! Like whaaaaatttt?? So, basically…. Today’s post is on Morhpe eye brushes, which I picked up somewhat in late June. I have been using it for a good 1-month ish which I think it's good enought to share my thoughts on these babies!