28 July 2015

My essentail kit during Flu attack....

I love when winter hits Australia.  I grew up in a humid country so being able to feel winter is great! But the number one thing I loathe most during winter is being sick. I rarely get flu+massive headache since I stepped my foot into this country.  A country I now called my home. 

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23 July 2015

A guest post : Beauty tips for travelling

Hey guys! I am so ecstatic to share with you a guest post written by an author named Amy.  Amy is an Australian Literature student who’s currently studying at Deakin University in Melbourne.  We share the same passion when comes to beauty.  Amy chose the title for this post & I must say that who doesn’t need such tips, right? For those who are planning for a short gateway or planning for a holiday, her tips are worth reading especially since she herself just came back from a trip to New Zealand.

Packing is essential for any kind of travel, whether you are living on the northern hemisphere and planning to go to the seaside, or on the southern and planning a trip into the mountains or another country. If you have booked your vacation accommodation and transport, you should better start packing the gear you need for the trip, including your skincare and beauty carry-on. Before you leave home, take adequate precautionary steps to avoid acne, dry skin patches, split ends and similar beauty perils during the trip to your holiday destination. This article brings you several tried and tested tips to minimize beauty-related hassle and keep your look blemish-free and your confidence at its peak during the trip and make sure you arrive at your holiday destination looking fresh, polished and youthful.

15 July 2015

Dress to Impress

2 weeks ago, I received an unexpected call from a company I long to work for since I started my makeup school mid of last year.  I applied once when I was still in Adelaide but I didn’t get any respond from the company.  Life has to move on... sob sob

So, after all the chaotic period of moving interstate & unpacking all the boxes in the house, I decided to reapply the position again but off course it has to be in Melbourne and stupid me, I accidentally withdrew my application as I thought it differs from states to states. 
Lets cut to the chase! 

I reapplied in mid May & didn’t hear anything from the company until 2 weeks ago! OMG!! I thought it was MAC Cosmetic recruiters who rang me but turns out it's a lady introducing herself & said that she’s from so & so company, inviting me to attend an interview at their HEAD QUARTERS. I didn’t hesitate one bit & I said YES without thinking twice! 

 Suit from Cue

07 July 2015

June Faves!!

Owh wow! Half of the year has passed! I have to admit that I don’t have much makeup stuff for the month of June OR shall I say, I do have heaps of makeup that’s piling up in my drawer but I didn’t go out much and not in the mood to put any makeup on. It is one of those periods whereby I opted to be a couch potato lol. Enough rambling, Hana :D

28 June 2015

Reminiscing the past ; MUJI Store

I remember vividly during high school, where I spent a lot of time after school in Bugis Junction - my playground area. Those who were born in Singapore would know this area. Back then, I was a stationary hoarder…. Owh wait, I think I was a stationary enthusiast/collector hahaha. Allow me to introduce MUJI.